Goals & training

Mission of the lab:

1. To study how neural circuits form and function in the brain, and to contribute new findings to the field through solid, student-authored publications.

2. To train students in a supportive environment to be strong scientists*.

3. To use innovative imaging methods to produce high-quality, beautiful images that make the nervous system visually accessible to others, thus helping to inspire excitement about science.

* What are the lab's priorities for training a "strong scientist"?

  • able to work independently
  • exhibit strong technical and analytical skills, as well as fundamentals of asking scientific questions and designing appropriate controls
  • develop a strong ethical sense of research conduct, especially toward animals and toward data collection/analysis
  • have patience to watch and closely analyze the data in a non-biased way
  • use creative, innovative ideas; be able to think outside of the box
  • be hard-working and productive
  • have high standards for data interpretation (must be convinced before assuming something is true)
  • excel at presenting one's work, in both oral and written formats, in particular learning to write and publish solid publications
  • work with a unified team of students/scientists that cares for, collaborates with, and supports one another

To learn about some of the ongoing research projects to which you might contribute, please visit the Research page.

Professor Weissman teaches the following courses at Lewis & Clark College:

Biology 151: Investigations in Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

Biology 252: Introduction to Neuroscience

BIology 390: Biology seminar

Biology 422: Neurobiology

Biology 490: Neuroanatomically Correct

Biology 490: Neural Signaling & Circuits